I turned on the ILOM Watchdog timer and set the parameter for reset,
everything was working find for a couple days, then last night, it just
kept rebooting the system based on the watchdog timeout I setup in the
BIOS (x2200 M2).

When I set the timer all the way down to 10 seconds, it would reboot
the box before GRUB even started booting the OS. If I would set the
time for five minutes, it would reboot while I was working on the box.

What's weird is this just started....

A couple other things. When I look in the Web GUI, the ILOM hostname
Hostname :

I thought it was suppose to be SUNSP

One last oddodity now, is when I ssh, it drops me into the '/SP' name
space, if I try and do a 'cd /SYS', it gives me an "Invalid target
/SYS" error and I don't seem to be able to make any changes and a very
limited set of commands work now... See below... Anyone have any

Sun(TM) Embedded Lights Out Manager

Copyright 2004-2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.

Version 1.20


IP address:

MAC address: 00:16:36:68:**:** (Asteriks put in by me)

System serial number: ********* (Asteriks put in by me)

/SP -> cd /SYS
cd: Invalid target /SYS

/SP -> version
SM CLP Version v1.0.0
SM ME Addressing Version v1.0.0
/SP -> show /SP/cli/commands
show: Invalid target /SP/cli/commands

/SP -> show /SP/sessions
show: Invalid target /SP/sessions

/SP -> show /SP/logs/event/list
show: Invalid target /SP/logs/event/list

/SP ->