Please make note, the meeting is moved to Tuesday night due to a
scheduling conflict in the room we hold our meeting in at the Sun Santa
Clara campus, upstairs from the auditorium.

The meeting is moved to Tues rather than Thurs as we have been doing,
so that we can have the same space we've been using.

This month we have a treat for all, and Sun Fellow, Tim Marsland will
be speaking on "The Zen of Xen". This is a much talked about topic for
many folks and Tim & Co. have delivered code to OpenSolaris so that Xen
can run under Solaris.

We will have a call-in number so that remote folks can hear and be a
part of our meeting. Please use the call-in info below. This is limted
to the first 125 users.

When: Tuesday*, July 25th, 2006
Where: Sun's Santa Clara Campus Auditorium (upstairs)
What: The Zen of Xen
Time: 7:30pm-10:00pm

Call-in Info:

Toll Free: 866-545-5227
Intnl/pay: 865-673-6950
Conference: 809-64-14