JET Version 4.3 is now available in the free bundle at

The bundle now includes (as usual ignore the pkg reference to sparc)

1 JetEXPLO jet explo product
(sparc) 3.1.5
2 JetFLASH JET flash product
(sparc) 3.1.7
3 JetJASS JASS product
(sparc) 3.0.13
4 JetRBAC JET RBAC product
(sparc) 1.1.5
5 JetSAN JET san product
(sparc) 3.0.13
6 JetSDS JET sds product
(sparc) 3.2.21
7 JetVTS JET VTS product
(sparc) 3.0.8
8 JetZONES JET Zones module
(sparc) 1.0.8
9 SUNWjet Sun JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit
(sparc,i386) 4.3
10 SUNWjetd JET Documentation
(sparc) 3.3.1

JetWanboot *should* have been included, and I will get it added as soon
as possible.

The module can be requested in the meantime by sending an email to


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