When i try to install it at second OS (with windows XP )on my laptop it
gives bello warning just after the miniroot and solaris copyright
message at the time of installation..
(My laptop model is Sony vaio PCG-k76P)
WARNING: failed to program IO space [0/3/0] BAR@0x10 length 0x100

DOes it crapy OS .

SOlaris 10 X86 --- I am able to install it but no driver support for
network sound etc .. all the time"Failed To configure IPv4 DHCP
Interface(s) : rtlso " What is this crapy errors in Soalris X86 10
issue but you can configure static IP to machine IT pings also but not
able to connect with network......

Can some one is there to solve this....

Or we just put the solaris X86 in garbbage.

Help me dudes to do not put this OS in garbage...