Hello multiprocessor machine users,

I've got something for you, you might be interested in. It's GPLv2 licensed:

You know the following:
$ find /mydir -name '*.bak' | xargs rm

maybe you sometimes do something like this:
$ find /mydir -name '*.iso' | xargs gzip

Then you will see that only one processor of your machine is being used.
Try this instead:

$ find /mydir -name '*.iso' | xjobs gzip

Now be happy that xjobs starts as many gzip processes as processors are
online in your system and keeps the machine fully loaded until all jobs
are done. You can also use the option -j to set the number of jobs that
will be started simultaneously.

Be aware that xjobs does not supersede xargs, as xargs is the right
thing for I/O bound applications and xjobs for CPU bound applications.

Get it here:
Homepage: http://www.maier-komor.de/xjobs.html
Current release: http://www.maier-komor.de/xjobs/xjobs-20060409.tgz

P.S.: I always like getting comments and feedback.