I thought I'd see whether I could get Xinerama going on Solaris 10 1/06.

I have an ATI Radeon 7000 and two identical VideoSeven 15" LCD monitors.

I've taken the xorg.conf which worked for one monitor and added entries
for a second card, monitor and screen, and added Xinerama On to the
ServerLayout section .

The digital output is going to screen 0 (left) and this seems fine. The
display on the other monitor is munged, probably a sync setting that
needs to be tweaked. It is still possible to see that the right screen
is trying to display a copy of the other screen, rather than the missing
RHS. The mouse pointer goes from one screen to the other and back.

Should this be workable in 1/06, or are we still waiting for the
results of the Xinerama standardisation effort?

If it should work, I'd appreciate some suggestions for things to try


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