If you are using developing OpenGL on Solaris platforms, then you can
use the Mesa libs available at three locations: Solaris Express CD/DVD
(or the OpenSolaris Solaris Express Community Release edition (SXCR)),
Sunfreeware and Blastwave.org.

Blastwave.org usually carries the latest Mesa 3D implementation which
is now at v6.4.2 (stable). I've ported over the latest development Mesa
6.5 which is available at:

1448496 Feb 18 18:57
2390083 Feb 19 13:11

The libraries are usually tested with Xscreensaver 4.24 and Mesademos
6.5 (CVS) so will work very well for any computer science OpenGL
development projects based on current OpenGL computer science books.
For the best in OpenGL visual quality, please use Sun OpenGL 1.3 if you
have a SPARC machine or Xi Graphics OpenGL 1.4 for x86 machines.

Just for kicks, the DRI-enabled (hardware accelerated) Mesa 6.2.1
release shows this
result on a reference Genesi Pegasos2 PowerPC platform (1Ghz G4, ATI
9250/128MB RAM (64-bit), R200/radeon driver) with glxgears:

3000 FPS - glxgears window minimized
490 FPS - glxgear window opened (300x300 default window)
167 FPS - glxgear window opened maximum at 1024x768 resolution

My old Pentium II 400Mhz CPU with a Matrox Millenium II video card only
got 95 FPS with glxgears window opened at (300x300 default window).
This was two years ago, and much faster than my Sun SparcStation 5!

Have fun!
Ken Mays @ EarthLink, Inc.