Just wanted to let you guys know that not everyone out there thinks Unix is
too hard to learn. I happen to like
the challenge. I just installed Solaris 10 on an old Athlon 2700, 768MB
Ram, 40Gig HD, NVidia FX 5200, to
learn the OS (at least start.) I have plenty of experience with Windows and
even a couple of NT certs, so I am
not a newbie to computers. I have installed the system and it is up and
running. I have it attached to a KVM switch
so I can work with Windows, which I have on the internet, at the same time.
I have purchased a couple of books
and I am willing to start playing around. I have Gnome installed and I like
to check out the files and directories to see where
everything is. I have downloaded all the Solaris .pdf manuals from the Sun
website and I am going thru them at my leisure.
I am not on a crusade to learn this in a week. I want to enjoy the
experience. I think that is the problem with so many young people today.
That have to have everything NOW! I'm sure if I come across any issues that
really stump me I will be sure to ask
you guys about it.

Have a nice (message of the) day!