Hello everybody,

I have a problem when I try to configure the solaris 10 dhcp server to
give IP addresses following the vendor class of the client.
The vendor class of any PC (windows) is "MSFT 5.0", without quotas.
For the other stations (linux installed) I set a different vendor class
in the /etc/dhclient.conf file. In example in this file I sent the
following vendor class:
send vendor-class-identifier "redhat-006";

With "ethereal" I can see that this vendor class is sent to the solaris
dhcp server.

Now, this is the configuration that I have done in the dhcpmgr from

First I created an option with the name "Option 60", category
"vendor", code "2", data Type "ASCII text", granularity "1" and maximum
"0". Also in the Vendor Client Classes I put "vendor class identifier".

Second, I created a Macro "linux" having the Option Name selected
from the option list "Option 60" and the Option Value "redhat-006"
Third, I created some addresses group having the assigned Macro
the macro "linux" (created before with the assigned option 60, value

The problem:
Even if the vendor class is "MSFT 5.0" or "redhat-006" the client
receive address from the IP pool addresses that I assigned the option
60. As I understand from the SUN documentation, only the linux machines
should receive the IP addresses.
I can't get were and what I've done wrong in the solaris 10 dhcp
manager configuration. The vendor class condition is not exclusive or
is ignored.
What I am sure is that the vendor class is well transmitted in the
network (verified with ethereal), but the solaris dhcp server doesn't
know how to handle it.
If some of you have been patient till the end of my mail, and if you
know what I should do, please answer me.

Thank you very much,