I have an X4100 and an LSI Logic SAS3442X card. LSI claims Solaris 10
support (sparc and x86) with this card. I have downloaded and tried
to install LSI's driver (itmpt) but the postinstall script in the
driver package fails when calling add_drv, apparently due to the

mpt "pci1000,56"

entry in /etc/driver_aliases. The code segment that does this is:

add_drv -n -m'* 0666 root sys' -i'"pci1000,621" "pci1000,622" "pci1000,624" "
pci1000,626" "pci1000,628" "pci1000,640" "pci1000,642" "pci1000,646" "pci1000,56
" "pci1000,58"' -c "scsi" itmpt
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
$ECHO "WARNING: Failed to Add driver to system, aborting installation..."
exit 1
$ECHO "NOTE: messages regarding the driver failing to attach are normal and c
$ECHO " be safely ignored. A system reboot is generally necessary for t
$ECHO " driver to attach properly."

# since Sun is starting to distribute an MPT driver that will match on pci100
0,30 and 50 we
# hand-add the entries outside the add_drv call

Note that pci1000,30 and pci1000,50 (noted in the final comment) are
not in the list passed to add_drv. The comment is wrong, though, in
that check_driver_aliases adds pci1000,30; pci1000,50 and pci1000,54
to /etc/driver_aliases (ie, it also adds 54 although not mentioned
in the comment).

So I ran add_drv as shown, but without the pci1000,56 entry, and added
the 30,50,54 and 56 entries by hand to /etc/driver_aliases.

It seems to work.

Are there any red flags here?