Solaris Express x86 10 b28
Sun Studio 11
Processor AMD Athlon 32bit

The first problem I'm having with Sun Studio is that backspace, enter,
and delete do not work. They work in other applications just fine, but
not in Sun Studio, this includes wizard dialogues, the source editor
window, the filesystems browser pane, etc.

The second problem, and I saw a whole thread that might apply, was
basically that when I try to load the program into the debugger and
execute the debugger I get "Connecting to DBX failed: wait(2)..." in a
little dialogue box and it just refuses to run. Has there been any
official fix for this or is it still that Solx86 doesn't support
athlon's performance counters and I am SOL unless I want to try some of
the hacks that were suggested?

Well, thats about it, thanks,