Hi everybody,

I am using Sun Type 5C keyboard and xfree86-4.5.0. The sun special keys
that were present on the keyboard are not working. So, I have gone
through the sun_KbdEv.c file, and updated the symbol map table in
"map[256]" array to include the special keys. After this modification,
the key events are generated for SUN's special key's. I confirmed the
same by using the "/usr/openwin/demo/xev" program. But the keysyms are
0x0 with NoSymbol for the SUN's special keys.

As an alternative approach I remapped the Sun special keys using
"xmodmap". For this I used "copy-paste" map file, which is shown below.
After execution of "xmodmap" command, the cut, copy, paste and undo
keys are working fine. But still the remaining keys (stop, Again,
props, Front, Open, Find) are not working though the key symbols are
generated. But after the xmodmap command the keysyms are generated for
all the special keys. But still the rest of the keys are not working.
This seems to be very much starnge to me.

The "copy-paste" file that I used for "xmodmap" is
keycode 145 = SunStop
keycode 146 = SunAgain
keycode 147 = SunProps
keycode 148 = osfUndo
keycode 149 = SunFront
keycode 150 = osfCopy
keycode 151 = SunOpen
keycode 152 = osfPaste
keycode 153 = SunFind
keycode 154 = osfCut

Following are my doubts:
1. Why is that keysyms are zero before xmodmap?
2. Which key symbol table does the sparc use for my type 5c keybaord?
2. After xmodmap why is that only copy, paste, undo and cut keys are
working and not other keys?

It will be great if any one can help me in fixing this issue.