I am not sure I can do this...here is my current ipnat.conf:

bimap bge1 ->
bimap bge1 ->
bimap bge1 ->
bimap bge1 ->
map bge1 -> proxy port ftp ftp/tcp
map bge1 -> portmap tcp/udp auto
map bge1 ->

....I have 2 web servers

I want to use round-robin (or something) so that I have a vaild failover in
case .13 or .14 is offline. Setting up DNS to point at both doesnt take care
of this problem.

Can i use 'rdr/round-robin' with bimappings?

the idea here is that DNS will point www traffic fixed at,
but I would like to see if ipnat can send that to either machine -
especially if one is offline.