19:50 - announcement has not yet started
19:51 - announcement starts
19:51 - What's openindiana - it's a continuation of Opensolaris ... but it's build by the community
19:52 - aims to be to be packet and binary compatible to Solaris 11, Solaris 11 express ...
19:52 - part by the illumos community
19:51 - at the moment 20 core devs
19:53 - to be the de-facto opensolaris distribution
19:53 - will ship binary content
19:53 - stable branch with bug fixes
19:54 - provide regular dev builds
19:54 - 100% free and 100 open source .. albeit 100% open source is difficult due to drivers
19:55 first dev build ou_147 is available now !
19:55 based on opensolaris 147
19:55 available via IPS or ISO image
19:56 highly experimental - has lots of bugs!
19:56 for desktop, but for server as well ...
19:56 constructed from the components Sun/Oracle have made available
19:57 what's not building was included from snv_135
19:57 will replace them over time
19:58 it's a spork
19:59 oracle still develop most of solaris in the open - we will use it ..
19:58 we replace the stuff we don't have
19:58 extending and enhancing by the developers of OI
19:59 oracle has turned off the tap for the kernel + core userland
20:00 illumos is a fork of this
20:00 illumos aims keep it up to date and replace all closed code in OS/net
20:00 it's under heavy development at the moment ...
20:00 illumos will be a package for OpenIndiana to enable the user to try out illumos.
20:01 the first build is not based on illumos
20:02 Why? Solaris 10 was free for a long time was free for prod use
20:02 this included security updates
20:03 lots of people started using it
20:03 opensolaris was free as well
20:03 affordable support contracts were available
20:03 when time gots tight Sun discontinued free security patches for Solaris 10
20:04 oracle then changed Solaris 10 license - no longer free for use in production
20:04 then they cancelled OpenSolaris in favor of Solaris 11 Express
20:05 The new Solaris support contracts are quite expensive (The point that there is no SW only is incorrect) )
20:06 Our first release is a bit messy
20:05 we set a release date and we've stuck to it
20:05 there will be bugs, we don't even know what they are yet
20:06 so keep old boot environments after upgrading
20:07 xVM Xen Hypervisor is missing (that was removed by Oracle)
20:07 Linux branded zones is missing (that was removed by Oracle)
20:07 can oracle shut you done ... nope ... the source is already out there
20:08 if oracle close more source gates, we will continue the development seperatly , but it makes no sense to close gates like JDS or sunfreeware (SFW)
20:09 Q: Is the community large enough. A: As long as Oracle keeps the most source gates open, it's not a problem. Community has to work more, when it's closed
20:11 Q: Where will OpenIndiana focus - server or desktop? A: OpenIndiana is focussed on the Server. But the desktop will continue to run.
20:19 No text installer so far.
20:19 Alasdairrr thinks Oracle may have lied then they said that they release the source after release. When they release it, it will be a large integration part, but they will think about it when it's time for that.
20:20 Network install via AI.
20:30 Demo stars
20:34 splash screen

20:36 IPS is important to the success of Solaris!

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