So people have been asking for a while (a long while, sorry folks) about 64-bit support for Sun SPOTs. We don't officially have it, but I can at least share with you how to make it work. So I'll do that.

First, you will need one of the recent releases of the upcoming 'yellow' release. You can get this from the Beta or Developer release centers in Sun SPOT Manager. Just select either one in the Preferences tab and install (you don't have to actually use the yellow release, but the .inf file you will need for 64-bit support is only distributed in the recent releases of yellow). Of course for Linux there is no required .inf file, so you can skip this step.

Install the Yellow release before plugging in a Sun SPOT. Once you have plugged in a Sun SPOT, the correct device descriptor file (.inf) should be loaded. If you have previously tried to use a Sun SPOT on your machine, you may have to remove all previous Sun SPOT devices to force Windows to reload the descriptor file.

Once that is done you can load any version of the Sun SPOT SDK that you like, as the rest of the steps can be completed under any version of the SDK once the correct device descriptor file has been loaded.

Go to CloudHopper and download the 64-bit version of the RXTX library for your platform. Place the files downloaded (if they are not automatically unzipped, you will need to unzip them first) into your sdk\lib directory. You will need to replace the rxtx files in any sdk\lib directory for any sdk you plan to use. The Sun SPOT SDK comes only with the 32-bit binaries. I suggest that you keep a copy of the 64-bit binaries (and jar file) some place where you can just copy it from whenever you install a new version of the SDK.

That's all there is to it!

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