JDK 7 build 109 is available. Build 109 bumps the HotSpot 19 build number up to 07 and contains changes to the G1 garbage collector, fixes for Zero and Shark HotSpot backends, addresses various issues in the pack200 implementation and contains a set of improvements across the class library. You can check out the list of changes for details, and get the source code.

In addition, Mark Reinhold wrote a blog post on re-thinking the plan for JDK 7, and asked the community for feedback on different options. Joe Darcy posted on his blog what the different options mean for Project Coin.

In the Da Vinci Machine Project John Rose posted a quick announcement on pending integrations, and continued to push updates into the Da Vinci VM repository.

Finally, Project Lambda prototype has seen further improvements by Maurizio Cimadamore.

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