Well, this may be the most exciting thing I have yet reported on in relation to the NetBeans Platform. Look at this screenshot:

Above, an application on the NetBeans Platform is up and running.
Below I added a new Action to a module in the above application. I.e., I used the new Action wizard, so that a new Java class was created, as well as being registered in the layer file. I then right-clicked the module and chose "Reload in Target Platform":

The application was still running and, simply by clicking "Reload in Target Platform", the module was reinstalled and the new Action was installed into the application. Notice "Bla" is now the first menu (i.e., in the extreme left of the menu bar above). That menu item was not there before I clicked "Reload in Target Platform" and I did NOT restart the application.
Want to know more? Hold your breath over the weekend and either Monday or Tuesday you'll find a new interview on NetBeans Zone about the above scenario. As an indication of the level of expertise involved, it might help to know that one of the people behind the functionality making the above possible is Jesse Glick.

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