NetBeans has supported web service development for quite a while but... I always hit an issue when I develop web services clients that bothered me... I never knew the wsdl url for services that I had deployed. So, if I was creating a client for a web service, I would need to have the service's implementation project available OR I would need to fire up the admin gui to find out what the wsdl url is to complete either of these two dialogs:

The Add Web Service dialog

The Create Web Service Client dialog
I got tired of feeling stupid and opening the admin gui to lookup the wsdl url (or to run the 'tester'), so I started to look for a solution for folks that do web service development against GlassFish Server 3.1.... and here it is in a single screenshot:

Web services on a registered server exposed with
an action to test the service and
an action to copy the wsdl url to the clipboard
A special shoutout to Ludovic Champenois and Jitendra Kotamraju for exposing the data that I needed, restfully.

NOTE: To see these new nodes you will need to get a recent nightly build of NetBeans 6.10 that includes GlassFish Server 3.1 build 20 or higher (or a post September 9, 2010 nightly build of GlassFish Server 3.1)

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