Okay ... TPM again ... his newest botch job at TheRegister contains the usual amount of misinformations and misinterpretations.
(The real question is what place does Solaris Cluster have in a world where Oracle would seem to want to RAC everything).
The real question is: Has TPM ever worked with RAC or Sun Cluster to be aware of the point, that RAC and Oracle Solaris Cluster are solving different problems? RAC is just the function in the database that allows multiple servers to provide a clustered database, but it gives you no availability protection. He his perhaps thinking about the Oracle Clusterware, but compared to Oracle Solaris Cluster that one isn't really comparable feature-wise and availability-of-agents-wise. For a long time it was the way, that you needed a 3rd party Cluster for everything else than Windows and Linux to make RAC highly available, so people used Sun Cluster for this task.
On Oracle iron with Solaris configured on it, Solaris 10 support costs 8 per cent of the invoiced price of the system you buy from Oracle per year.

The server chipheads over at Ideas International have just put out an analysis of Solaris 10 support costs here. By the way, Oracle is charging 12 per cent of the street price for the system as the annual support rate for the physical server. So you are in for 20 per cent per year to support the hardware and operating system.
Okay, again ... just for starters and TPM: 8% is OS support. 12% is OS+HW. If TPM just took a minute to read the text he linked to he would be aware of this. It's not in addition. Furthermore the SW part includes Oracle VM, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle Solaris.

When you really want to read this, you can find his article here.

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