Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 is the latest release of compilers andtools, available on Solaris 10 (SPARC and x86), OEL, RHEL and SuSE andhas several highlights worth noting:
  • This is the first release ofStudio under the Oracle banner. That said, it continues a longtradition of excellence in performance, features and productivitydiligently nurtured by previous releases under the Sun Studio, SunWorkshop, Forte Developer banners.
    • For those of you who are new to the Sun product lines, Studiohas always played an important part in various parts of the OracleHardware, Software stack:
      • Oracle database was always builtoptimized with Studio (for the past 15+ years as Sun's ISVpartner) and recommended Studio for ProC and plugins
      • PeopleSoft, Siebel, Hyperion and JD Edwards was built optimized with Studio from long before thesebecame part of the Oracle family.
      • Java VM has always built with Studio from Day 1 and hasrecommended it for Native Code Development
      • Solaris has, of course, been built from Day 1 with Suncompilers and these have played a critical part in developing the bestapplication ecosystem around Solaris (differentiating it from HP/UX,IBM-AIX and Linuxes, whose combined #apps dont match upto Solaris)
      • Pretty much every single Sun system Hardware Benchmarkingannouncement that involved CPU crunching involved Studio compilers(exception: early x86/Opteron announcements on Linux when Studio wasnton Linux yet)
  • Features:
    • Optimized for Sun Systems:
      • Support for latest SPARC and x86 Hardware systems. Inparticular,optimizations for SPARC64-VII, UltraSPARC-T2 (Plus), Intel Xeon 7500processor series (Nehalem-EX) and the Intel Xeon 5600 processor series(Westmere-EP)
      • Mathlibraries and solvers tuned for each microarchitecture
      • Enhanced MT, OpenMP and MPI support throughout the toolchain.
    • Optimized for Solaris:
      • Tools that take advantage of latest Solaris features such asDlight (a new tool) and features exposed for profiling (PerformanceAnalyzer)
      • Solaris Binary Compatibility Guarantee with industry's onlystable C++ ABI
    • Optimized for Developers:
      • Innovative new tools: A new memory debugger (Discover) and anewcode coverage tool(Uncover).
      • OK, not new but pretty much unknown so a plug here wont hurt:dbxtoolis now back as a standalone tool (since Studio 12 update 1)
      • Enhancements to existing tools, such as OCD (optimized codedebugging), and improvements in application profiling andobservability (Performance Analyzer).
      • Several enhancements to the Studio IDE to improve developerproductivity, which I've detailed in a previous blog hereand especiallyhere.
  • New and enhanced supportoffering covered under two development bundles (here). Checkout the support pages here.
    • Checkout the ongoing Studio Forums here for free advice.
    • Notice, the tools themselvescontinue to be licensed and are free to download.(check out the license here:)
So, heres what you can do today to get more familiar with it:
  • Downloadthe latest bits here.
  • Getmore information from this "Overview" site.
    • Check out the datasheet,release notes, install etc from here.
  • Check out the short video introduction from DonKretsch (Senior Engineering Director of Sun Developer Tools) and KuldipOberoi (Senior Software Engineering Manager) as they talk about the newrelease.
  • Read new Whitepapers
    • DevelopingEnterprise Applications with Oracle Solaris Studio Whitepaper
    • DevelopingParallel Programs ? A Discussion of Popular Models Whitepaper
    • OracleSolaris and Sun SPARC Systems?Integrated and Optimized for EnterpriseComputing
    • OptimizingApplicationswith Oracle Solaris Studio Compilers and Tools
  • Note the End-Of-Lifefeature list I had previously listed with the Express release.

It doesnt hurt to reiterate the overall architectural graphic, so hereit is again:

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