Don't just sit there waiting for something to happen, go find out what's new in the latest release of Oracle Solaris 10!
The Docs

The docs, as usual, are always a good place to start. This collection summarizes the major improvements and links to the full documentation that describes them in detail.
Hamburger Quick Summary of What's New

Because they get up earlier in the morning, the Hamburger MumbleSolaris User Group has a quick summary that you can print out and memorize in case the opportunity to impress your social inferiors ever presents itself.
Features and Benefits

A quick summary of each new feature in the 9/10 update and the benefits it provides to sysadmins or developers. To the point and surprisingly bereft of adjectives.
Keep an eye on the Front Page of OTN's Systems Admin and Developer Community throughout the day for more updates.

- Rick

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