Oracle announced Sun Cluster 3.3 today. This release got a lot of new features, too. You find a list of them at

  • NAS NFS File Systems Now Supported in a Zone Cluster
  • Failover-File-System Monitoring
  • Denying Cluster Services for a Non-Global Zone
  • Trusted Extensions With Zone Clusters Support
  • Oracle 11g Release 2 Support
  • Load-Based Distribution of Resource Groups
    that one is interesting, the Cluster framework chooses the node according to the load of the system to impose load limits for example or to use the least loaded cluster node
  • Node Rename
  • Power Management User Interface
    the documentation states "The Oracle Solaris power management user interface can now turn Oracle Solaris Cluster components and systems on and off in order to save energy."
  • Exporting Cluster File Systems to a Zone Cluster Using a Loopback Mount
  • Wizard Updates for the clsetup Utility and Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager
  • Wizard Support for Oracle ASM
  • Support for Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3 in Failover and Clustered Configurations
  • Enhanced Oracle E-Business Suite 3.2 Agent
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster HA for MySQL Cluster
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster HA for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

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