Thinc Projects just launched their new careers site, with the help of the people at Zojo. They were after a job board plugin, and after evaluating other options, came to the conclusion that Job Manager was the obvious choice.

I found Job Manager easy to work with from day one, I appreciated the way it works straight out-of-the-box and I knew my client would understand it straight away upon handover. This allowed me to set up my fields and pages as required with full knowledge that everything was working and all I had to do was apply my design.

Customizing the form layout to the final design was easy. Using CSS, I was able to style and add classes to my liking by adding code into the page templates as I required them. From a developers view point I was able to customise the layout and fields according to my heart?s content (or my clients? I should say).

? David Gross, Zojo

They were also after particular information from applicants, so the ability to customise the application form as invaluable. And just because I like to let the users speak for themselves, here’s a little more of what David had to say:
While evaluating other options, nothing came close in terms of freedom of options, customisation and support.

So there you have it – download Job Manager, you can easily create a job board for your company!

Are you doing creative things with Job Manager? Have some time to tell me how and why you’re using it? Drop me a line, you could be the next Job Manager Highlight!

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