Ernest Lotter from the ISSI team in Stellenbosch suggested that "Lookups.forPath" (and other code that looks into the filesystem) should be supported via code completion. Here's a start, on the dot prior to "forPath":

To do:
  • Fix it so that the code completion appears between the quotation marks within the braces, instead of on the dot. (Does anyone know how I should do that?)
  • Extend it so that when the user types "/" afterwards, the code completion pops up again, displaying the children of the selected folder.
  • Provide the folders from the current layer as a priority above those from the whole filesystem, since you're more likely to want to look into a folder you created yourself.Extend the Options window so that the user can specify the code constructs for which this layer-based completion should be available, e.g., also for the one for attaching layer folders to Actions.

Thanks for the idea Ernest, it could end up being pretty cool.

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