I know, going green is all the rage these days (just look at the theme of my blog!).

And Sun has been one of the greenest of the green companies for years.

But we're (The Sun SPOTs Project) going Yellow!

For those of you that live on the hairy bleeding edge with us, you may have been using the Yellow engineering or developer builds for quite some time. But we're moving from Developer to Beta today, so the Yellow release is officially out in Beta as of tonight!

Just set your Sun SPOT Manager Tool to the Beta repository (don't make me have to tell you how to do that!) and download and install the Yellow-BETA1 version.

I'll be doing another post soon with all the new features and bug fixes included (we've been busy as bees making this a great release in anticipation of some new hardware!), so please download, install, test, and let us know what you think!

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