I sat a on my fingers for all the weekend but now i can't take all this comments in the blogs and the mailing lists any longer. Ten years ago, i would have gone ballistic long ago... but the fuse got longer of the past few years. However i'm still able to detonate, however despite the undirected explosion 10 years ago, it's more directed today.

And this article is such a directed explosion. I worked a while on this article and this was one of the reasons why it was relatively silent on this blog the last few days. At first i didn't wanted to publish it, but some events of today led me to think otherwise. I don't know if this is a wise move, because the torch of this rant will burn down some beards. On the other side, i think the article is worth the publication, but you have to judge about that.

However i try to prevent me from exploding thus i used this weekend to play with my new toy (i purchased an iPad last week and it's really fscking cool, i just thought "Like Enterprise ... i just wouldn't gave them away like they do in TNG" ) and worked a lot on the planing on the modifications on my newly purchased building.

However the mail by Garrett d'Amore asking about the removal of SVM was a drop. It was one of those drops, that led to a severe spill-over. So this blog article will be a long rant. If you don't like rants, just skip this.

And keep in mind, it's a rant ... it's not meant to be fair or objective ... think of it as a way to write down my frustration about a lot of events in the last few weeks and especially in the last few days.
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