The CUPS print system that is used on Linux and other Unix operating systems is switching its file format from PostScript to PDF. As part of this should switch its print output file format to PDF, too. This was implemented in OOo for issue 94173.

The corresponding CWS pdfprint is going "Ready for QA" today and since this affects an area where we should have broad testing with a variety of systems and printers, I put an install set of the CWS at:

Please feel free to check this install set and see if it gives you printing related trouble. Ideally this change should be transparent for the user, that is you print your documents just as you did before. The only visible change is that "Print to file" would now produce PDF instead of PostScript; also you can switch the behavior back to the old one in either the (not well known) spadmin utility or per print job: in the Print dialog open "Properties..." , go to the "Device" TabPage and change the "Printer Language type" to either PDF or the desired PostScript Level.

Disclaimer: of course you should remember that this is a Child Workspace build, that is a development version. It will have the same issues that the correspoding Master Workspace (DEV300 m86) has and should not be used in a production environment.

For those that would like to test this on Solaris: here is a Solaris (x86) install set:

On Solaris however CUPS is rather optional, so you would not get a PDF print output there necessarily.

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