• Are you interested in learning the nuts and bolts of the Java EE 6 platform ?
  • Do you want to learn on how Servlet 3.0, Java Server Faces 2.0, Context & Dependency Injection 1.0, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1, Bean Validation 1.0, Java Persistence API 2, RESTful Web services and other new technologies in Java EE 6 provide a complete stack for building your Web & Enterprise applications ?
  • GlassFish 3.1 adds clustering, high availability, application versioning and other interesting featuresm, above light-weight, OSGi-based modularity, and embeddability, making it the richest open source application server.
  • Did you know that NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ provide comprehensive tooling around Java EE 6 and would like to learn it ?
If you are interested in learning any of these details then I'll be delivering 2-day workshops in 3 countries across Europe. The complete details about the venue and cost are available in the links below:
This is going to be a complete deep dive for 2 days and extensive hands-on experience.

Be ready to drink from the fire hose and learn how you can leverage Java EE 6 in your next project to boost the productivity and simplify the development and deployment of your applications.

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