People wondered why there is no release date defined in For the past releases there was a detailed, complete release plan including date for all details in advance. That schedule is important for involved people (like l10n, qa and marketing folks) to plan their resources for the release and make the release process transparent for all.

With the current release we did not enter all concrete release details in this plan. In the past those dates were not that reliable, we missed schedules in the translation area, we missed schedules with frequent release candidates and due to miscellaneous other problems. Because of that we are now entering the date for the next upcoming milestones we know for sure but not for all dates in the future. As the release process is in general defined all participants are able to do the time estimation for their slots after the start of the release process, meaning the branch off of the code line.

Continue making the release date public although we know that there is a high probability that we miss the date is setting the wrong expectations to the public. And we continue to get reactions again like: "The release is delayed again."

The release status meeting stay responsible for the release coordination, so if there are questions or concerns please don't hesitate to show up there.

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