From the announcement on the mailing list:
The Grizzly Team would like to announce the release of Grizzly 2.0 RC1 (release candidate). This goal of this release was a stable core and solid API. While this is a significant step to getting Grizzly 2.0 finalized, we still have work to do in the area of documentation, performance, and resolving any feedback solicited by this release.

The bits are available on our maven repository under the group ID com.sun.grizzly, versioned 2.0.0-RC1.

Here's some info on the artifacts that are currently available:

  • framework (artifact ID: grizzly-framework) : The core Grizzly runtime.
  • http (artifact ID: grizzly-http) : HTTP protocol implementation, which contains HTTP Filters and utility classes to work with HTTP artifacts.
  • webcontainer (artifact ID: grizzly-webcontainer) : Lightweight Grizzly web server implementation, which provides high level
    abstractions based on the entities provided by the HTTP module. While the concept is similar to the Grizzly 1.x web server, it does expand this abstraction
    idea by providing an API for non-blocking streams to read/write application content.
  • websockets (artifact ID: grizzly-websockets) : Web Sockets implementation based on http module.
There are several samples available that demonstrate all of these modules in action.

  • Core framework samples [1], [2], [3], [4].
  • HTTP protocol framework sample [5]
  • Webcontainer samples using non-blocking streams [6], [7]
  • Web Socket samples [8]
We're looking forward to hearing back from the community about their experiences using this release (either good or bad). Feel free to start a discussion on the grizzly mailing lists or send us an issue report.


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