Thisyear we are going to show how to use Java ME Location API to buildapplication to track and share current users position. During our HOLparticipants create a mobile application which uses the Java MELocation API to track auser's friends and display them on a map. Additionally, this mobileapplication allows the user toexchange status with friends and shows them on a map along with theirphotos and names. This HOL isaimed at developers who would like to learn how to bind applicationcontent with the current position ofan application user.Participants will learn:

How to use Java ME Location API
How to use maps web services in a Java ME application
How to use Java ME Generic Connection Framework
How to use visual tools to design the flow and UI of theapplication
This application can be used with Yahoo Maps (which we are going touse during HOL) or Google Maps (license restrictions).

Details about HOL:

Thursday: 3:30PM
Where MyFriends Are: Java ME Location API in Practice
Stream(s): JAVAONE
Track(s): Java ME and Mobile
  • S314126
  • [HOL]
  • Hilton San Francisco/Plaza A

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