One of my favorite bike builders is Russell Mitchell, owner of Exile Cycles. He designed and his crew builds bikes like the Fat Bloke pictured above. You can buy the bike already built like the movie stars do, or initiate yourself into the world of old-school motorcycling by building it yourself from parts in Russell's shop.
Here's another Fat Bloke that's got something interesting to offer. Migrating from VMWare to VirtualBox with Oracle Enterprise Linux describes how to move a virtual machine from one virtualization platform to another. Kinda like moving your hard drive from one machine to another, as the Fat Bloke puts it. Or swapping out the engine on Exile's Brown Pearl and dropping it into the Hot Rod. Or, God-forbid, a Honda Gold Wing.

The writeup by Fat Bloke the blogger includes these topics: Preparing to Migrate
Exporting the Virtual Machine
Importing into VirtualBox
Installing the VirtualBox Guest Additions
An Alternative Approach for Advanced Users
My favorite of Russell's bikes is the Silver Bullet, though the Brown Pearl is a close second.
- Rick

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