Verifying your Java ME app just got cheaper with a price cut from UTI.
UTI's price cut
Here's a quote: The change is intended to increase the number of Java ME apps in play. Currently, all apps must be certified at one of three testing houses, with developers paying a starting price of 75 euros ($92.91) to test and verify a "simple" application - a sharp reduction on the earlier price. The price cut announce in June was the first change in the UTI's Java ME verification process in the face of the growing popularity of [blah- blah-blah], which runs a subset of Java Standard Edition (Java SE). So, according to the article, UTI's price cut to verify your Java ME app will increase the "number of Java ME apps in play". That's cool. It's nice to be using nice and clean, free and clear of uncertainty, Java ME technology for mobile app development.

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