After last week's NetBeans Platform Certified Training in Johannesburg, the next one kicked off today, this time in Stellenbosch. (Tried some of the Spier wine yesterday, at the actual Spier wine farm. I recommend it.) The training is held at the offices of ISSI, which is world leader in providing services & software for microseismological monitoring of mines. In a discussion about the Visual Library (yesterday, with ISSI lead developer Ernest Lotter, who is organizing the training here in Stellenbosch), the connection between maps and the Visual Library was discussed, which could be useful in the context of seismological monitoring.
David Kaspar (Visual Library API architect) made the basis of an example and I extended it slightly with Properties window integration, as shown here:

If this is the kind of thing that anyone else might be interested in, download the sample here:
I'd like to turn this scenario into a tutorial soon! (How often have I said that, but now at least the code is generally available.)
And tomorrow I'll try what I forgot to remember today—make a photo of the whole group (hopefully with the beautiful Stellenbosch view out the window included).

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