I installed OGS 3.0.1 for a customer escalation. I accessed the admin console and found that its was terribly slow.

Goggled on the net and landed up with suggestions to reduce this slowness.. If you are experiencing slowness and seeing the following message in your server.log

"Cannot refresh Catalog : Connection timed out"

Here are the tips to help you :

1. Add the following option in your domain.xml


2. UpdateTool functionality

As Admin Console moved to make use of the OSGi architecture, updatetool functionality is implemented as a plugin module. The application (console) itself shouldn't know what needs to be done in any plugin. So, all you need to do is remove the updatetool plugin module if you don't want any updatetool feature in the console. However, this plugin module is part of the "glassfish-gui" IPS package, and one cannot just remove this particular module. As a workaround for now, just remove console-updatecenter-plugin.jar. You can do this:

* cd glassfishv3/glassfish

* mv modules/console-updatecenter-plugin.jar modules/console-updatecenter-plugin.jar.ORIG

* rm -r domains/domain1/osgi-cache

* rm -r domains/domain1/generated

Restart the server.

Here you go ... the admin console is all old self :) ..

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