JDK 7 build 107 is available. Build 107 contains no changes form previous week's build, build 106. You can get the source code and the early access binary snapshot release.

In the Da Vinci Machine Project John Rose pushed code to the Mercurial repositories to update the syntax of method handle invocation to replace fake type parameters with real casts, as a better notation for the intended type of the invocation.

Over at Project Coin, Joe Darcy posted a request for feedback on how try-with-resources works in practice. Feedback should be sent to the Project Coin mailing list.

The Project Lambda prototype has seen a steady stream of bug fixes by Maurizio Cimadamore.

Last but not least, Mark Reinhold posted on the Project Jigsaw mailing list that work is resuming after a brief summer hiatus. Mandy Chung and Jonathan Gibbons updated the Project Jigsaw prototype to JDK 7 build 105.

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