Recently I had a nice experience configuring failover with Solaris MPxIO (Multipathing), Oracle ASM (Automatic Storage Management) and Oracle's Sun Storage 6180 array. In this configuration failover was completely transparent to the Oracle database.

MPxIO is part of the Solaris 10 distribution. Multipathing provides redundant paths and eliminates a single point of failure by failing over to an alternate path automatically when one of the paths fails. Oracle ASM was used for volume manager to manage Oracle database files and it works very well with Multipathing. The Sun Storage 6180 array configuration had two controllers and each controller was connected to a different adapter on the host for redundant path. Multipathing generates a pseudo device and by providing Oracle ASM a pseudo device name at ASM diskgroup creation it makes failover transparent to the Oracle database.

HW/SW Configuration

Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000, 2x 8Gb FC HBA 1xSun Storage 6180 array, 16x 300G 15K RPM disks, two controllers, Firmware Solaris 10, Oracle 11g with Oracle ASM MPxIO enabled When one of the paths fails (e.g. Cable, adapter, controller) system messages in /var/adm/messages file show the following sequence of events.

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