Here's a review about the new Nokia X3-02 cell phone. Cool phone! Error in the review.
Error in Nokia X3-02 review
Here's a quote: The handset is disappointing with Java being the Operating System and not Symbian. the battery life is a little lower than usual... The phone will be available with white silver, dark metal, petrol blue and lilac colours.So, Java ME technology is a lot of things to many people and can function in many different roles (as a certain company up Highway 101 can attest). But, it is NOT the Operating System on the new Nokia X3-02. (And, it is NOT disappointing, but that's beside the point). The Nokia Series 40 (or aka S40) is the Operating System on the Nokia X3-02, and that means it is based on Symbian.
The fun and cool social apps and IM client may be the source of the confusion, since I believe those are Java ME MIDlets based on MIDP 2.1 and use the crazy delicious Java ME JSRs on the device. But, ya doesn't necessarily callz dat an Operating System, duz ya? So, in summary the Nokia X3-02 is cool and rad, because it has Java ME and Nokia Series 40. OK? Glad to get that straightened out...

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