Rename is one of the most useful refactorings at all. The developer can alter the name of a selected type, type member, function, constant in the code. Users of NetBeans PHP IDE could use Instant Rename feature since 6.5 and now in daily builds the Rename Refactoring was improved to be able to rename elements not only in the scope of one file but rather lookup all appropriate occurrences in the whole project and then rename them. Simply put caret on the identifier and press Ctrl+R. Local changes are still made instantly in-place by Instant Rename, which is true e.g. for local variables, parameters in functions or methods and the same for private type members.

So pressing Ctrl+R for $mainModule variable invokes in-place editing, but not the same if e.g. class name should be renamed:

Although the same shortcut Ctrl+R was used, the behavior and UI is different for renaming the class name as shown on the picture above - comparing to rename of parameter. After pressing "Preview" button the individual changes will be listed like on the next picture:

Purpose of checkboxes is probably obvious - include/exclude appropriate changes. By going through the list the individual diffs are shown:

Use "Do refactoring" to apply changes. To revert the changes Refactoring > Undo should help.

All the issues or enhancements please report in NetBeans Bugzilla

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