Results are presented on Oracle's Sun Storage 6180 array with 8Gb connectivity for the SPC-1 benchmark.
  • The Sun Storage 6180 array is more than 1.9 times better in price-performance compared to the IBM DS5020 system as measured by the SPC-1 benchmark.

  • The Sun Storage 6180 array delivers 50% more SPC-1 IOPS than the previous generation Sun Storage 6140 array and IBM DS4700 on the SPC-1 benchmark.

  • The Sun Storage 6180 array is more than 3.1 times better in price-performance compared to the NetApp FAS3040 system as measured by the SPC-1 benchmark.

  • The Sun Storage 6180 array betters the Hitachi 2100 system by 34% in price-performance on the SPC-1 benchmark.

  • The Sun Storage 6180 array has 16% better IOPS/disk drive performance than the Hitachi 2100 on the SPC-1 benchmark.

Performance Landscape

Select results for the SPC-1 benchmark comparing competitive systems (ordered by performance), data as of August 6th, 2010 from the Storage Performance Council website.

Sponsor System SPC-1 IOPS $/SPC-1
(GB) TSC Price Data
Level Results
Identifier Hitachi HDS 2100 31,498.58 $5.85 3,967.500 $187,321 Mirroring A00076 NetApp FAS3040 30,992.39 $13.58 12,586.586 $420,800 RAID6 A00062 Oracle SS6180 (8Gb) 26,090.03 $4.37 5,145.060 $114,042 Mirroring A00084 IBM DS5020 (8Gb) 26,090.03 $8.46 5,145.060 $220,778 Mirroring A00081 Fujitsu DX80 19,492.86 $3.45 5,355.400 $67,296 Mirroring A00082 Oracle STK6140 (4Gb) 17,395.53 $4.93 1,963.269 $85,823 Mirroring A00048 IBM DS4700 (4Gb) 17,195.84 $11.67 1,963.270 $200,666 Mirroring A00046 SPC-1 IOPS = the Performance Metric
$/SPC-1 IOPS = the Price-Performance Metric
ASU Capacity = the Capacity Metric
Data Protection = Data Protection Metric
TSC Price = Total Cost of Ownership Metric
Results Identifier = A unique identification of the result Metric

Complete SPC-1 benchmark results may be found at

Results and Configuration Summary

Storage Configuration:

80 x 146.8GB 15K RPM drives
4 x Qlogic QLE 2560 HBA

Server Configuration:

IBM system x3850 M2

Software Configuration:

MS Windows 2003 Server SP2
SPC-1 benchmark kit
Benchmark Description

SPC Benchmark-1 (SPC-1): is the first industry standard storage benchmark and is the most comprehensive performance analysis environment ever constructed for storage subsystems. The I/O workload in SPC-1 is characterized by predominately random I/O operations as typified by multi-user OLTP, database, and email servers environments. SPC-1 uses a highly efficient multi-threaded workload generator to thoroughly analyze direct attach or network storage subsystems. The SPC-1 benchmark enables companies to rapidly produce valid performance and price-performance results using a variety of host platforms and storage network topologies. SPC1 is built to:

  • Provide a level playing field for test sponsors.
  • Produce results that are powerful and yet simple to use.
  • Provide value for engineers as well as IT consumers and solution integrators.
  • Is easy to run, easy to audit/verify, and easy to use to report official results.
Key Points and Best Practices

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Disclosure Statement

SPC-1, SPC-1 IOPS, $/SPC-1 IOPS reg tm of Storage Performance Council (SPC). More info, results as of 8/6/2010. Sun Storage 6180 array 26,090.03 SPC-1 IOPS, ASU Capacity 5,145.060GB, $/SPC-1 IOPS $4.37, Data Protection Mirroring, Cost $114,042, Ident. A00084.

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