JDK 7 build 106 is available. Build 106 updates the HotSpot virtual machine to HotSpot 19 build number 06, adding an LLVM-based JIT known as Shark, software floating point & cross-compilation support, the ability to build just the client JIT compiler, as well as a set of general fixes and improvements. You can check out the list of changes for details, and get the source code.

Slides for the many of the presentations from this year's JVM Language Summit have been published, including John Rose's presentation on JVM Futures, Fredrik Öhrström' presentation on Efficient compilation of Lambdas using MethodHandles and JRockit and Lukas Stadler's presentation on Coroutines for the Java Platform. In addition, Alex Buckley's Oracle TechCast Live fireside chat "Toward a Universal VM" is available online.

Over at Project Coin, Joe Darcy updated the specification of the try-with-resources statement to require uniform suppression of all throwables.

Project Lambda has seen a lot of activity since Brian Goetz published a new draft for interface evolution via ?public defender? methods, and called the community to action on the mailing list asking for feedback from developers trying the Project Lambda prototype out on real code bases, and share their experiences. Developers wanting to try out the prototype should follow the build instructions, read the informal and basic guide on the provisional syntax currently implemented in the prototype and report their experiences on the lambda-dev mailing list.

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