On a recent trip (my first as an employee!) to Oracle HQ, I decided to test out Oracle VDI 3.2 from an airplane. Sure, everyone (who can...if the latency will allow their protocol to work that is) has done this, but hey it's been my first trip since being part of the Big O. One could say I don't travel like I used to.

Unfortunately, I was a bit ill prepared to do this demo from a battery standpoint, but still managed to get some screen caps. On my next trip I'll bring my flip fully charged to get the full sequence. But I'll tell you, from some 30K thousand feet, 300 ms (plus) latency, it did awesome. While it won't surprise most to know I really believe in our technology, I did all of this on my own dime. From the the gogo inflight internet to the first class upgrade. Hey, us tall folk need space to work!

My Building. (The "Big Building" if you know what I mean)

Somewhere over the Mojave

And Let's Connect!

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