A few years ago I wrote about the "Importance of MTU" as it pertains to Sun Ray clients. Things changed with the Sun Ray and in most circumstances, we can detect and adjust the Path MTU accordingly. While the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client (OVDC) is designed to be just like a physical Sun Ray, for various reasons it currently lacks the Path MTU Discovery (PMTUD) code. In short, what's old is new again..Or is it what's new is old again. Either way, you need to set the MTU for the best experience (improper MTU demo coming shortly).

You can set the MTU with a slider from the network tab:

Unfortunately the slider isn't as precise as you might need it and seems to jump in blocks ranging from 6-8 (i.e. try to set yours like mine with an MTU of 1333 and good luck!). If somewhere within that range lies the your value, you can use the command line to set a precise MTU. Simply run the vdc command with the --mtu argument.

For Windows:

C:\Program Files\Oracle\Virtual Desktop Client\vdc --mtu 1333

For OS X:

/Applications/Oracle Virtual Desktop client.app/Contents/MacOS/vdc --mtu 1333

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