We are now six months post the acquisition of Sun by Oracle. Certainly a lot has changed, but with respect to SPARC virtualization, there's much more that hasn't changed. One big change for us is that Logical Domains has been re-branded as "Oracle VM Server for SPARC". Another adjustment is that we are more restricted in discussing future features & roadmap info than we were at Sun.
More importantly, here's what hasn't changed: the development team is essentially intact (we've lost a few and gained a few) and we remain fully engaged (in fact there was zero schedule impact caused by the acquisition). Our strategy and tactical roadmap have changed very little. If anything, Oracle is more committed to SPARC and our virtualization technology than Sun was. We continue to work on new features & releases exactly as we had been doing as part of Sun. Of course, there have been some tweaks to our priority & feature set, and we are working to better integrate our technology with other products within Oracle, but the overall strategic direction has not changed. The bottom line is that everything's full steam ahead for LDoms Oracle VM Server for SPARC.
Finally, go check out the story: Oracle VM Server for SPARC - Powering Enterprise-class Virtualization, currently featured at oracle.com, or go here.

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