Today, I would like to show you how one can generate documentation for his/her PHP project. Fortunately, it is a very simple task in NetBeans. First, validate in IDE options that your PhpDoc installation was recognized and that the PhpDoc script has been found. If not, find it manually:

If everything is OK, then just generate documentation via project's context menu:

If it is the first time you invoke this action for the current project, NetBeans asks you where to generate files for this project:

Then, the documentation itself is generated and of course, one can review the whole process in the Output window:

If anytime later the documentation directory needs to be changed (or one wants to change the documentation title), it can be easily done in Project Properties dialog:

That's all for today, as always, please test it and report all the issues or enhancements you find in NetBeans Bugzilla (component php, subcomponent PHPDoc). Please notice that if you write a comment here but do not report a bug or enhancement, nothing will probably happen ;)

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