As already reported on ThinkThin, the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client now supports use of smart cards for hotdesking. This way you can now access the session from your Sun Ray from your laptop or PC, without having to resort to the configuration tricks I described a while back.

To use this feature, you first need to apply the recently released SRSS 4.2 patch (rev -03 or later) to your Sun Ray server. Then you also need to enable smartcard access for OVDC.

Unfortunately you need to read the fine print to discover that you can only enable or view this policy setting using the Command Line interface.

There are several technical and procedural reasons, why we could not include an update to the Sun Ray Administration GUI with the recent update.

But most of the needed functionality already exists under the hood in the SRSS 4.2 Administration GUI. The needed text strings can already be found elsewhere on the page. If you feel adventurous, you can add the missing checkbox yourself and it will work.

To do this:


All changes to product files described here are unsupported and done at your own risk! Be sure to create backup copies of files before changing them.

Also beware that these changes could be overwritten by a patch – in the (unlikely) case that we release a patch for the Administration GUI without this feature.

Edit the file /opt/SUNWut/webadmin/webapps/ut/jsp/advanced/Policy.jsp: