OK, I find myself needing to print something so let’s get CUPS configured.

Oh, it’s not in the default install, …

$ pfexec pkg install print/cupsDOWNLOAD PKGS FILES XFER (MB)Completed 2/2 856/856 3.9/3.9PHASE ACTIONSInstall Phase 1037/1037PHASE ITEMSReading Existing Index 8/8Indexing Packages 2/2

Now before we can do anything we need to enable the services.

$ pfexec svcadm enable cups/scheduler$ pfexec svcadm enable cups/in-lpd$ pfexec print-service -s cups

The last one above is vitally important, or you will find that the web interface gives you “500 Internal Error”, which is not helpful and /var/log/cups/error_log contains a line like:

E [07/Aug/2010:12:08:52 -1000] [CGI] Unable to connect to cupsd: No such file or directory

Which is equally unhelpful.

Now the rest is in the web, specifically http://localhost:631 and following the pretty intuitive interface.

To get a relatively generic ppd file I went to the postscript printers at openprinting.org and downloaded the ppd for the Apple 12/640ps. This will do as my generic until I can find someone with a mac who has installed the mac “drivers” for the Xerox Docucentre-II 2055 and the ApeosPort-II C4300.

Don’t forget to go set the printing defaults, like duplexing and paper size.

Interestingly, while under my previous install (nv128) the printers showed up in my print menus, they are not doing so here. That’s a problem for another day as at least I can print using lp(1).

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