I've recently received a request for DirTracer and Pkgapp onWindows.

I wrote these applications specifically for Unix based operatingsystems and will continue to release them on the Unix platformssupported by the product. Windows has always been an exception to this.

While yes, Sun / Oracle releases versions of its Directory Server (DS) software onthese supported platforms, DirTracer and Pkgapp are "not" part of theSoftware package and as a result, not supported by the normal Sun /Oracle support model. Support for these is left up to one person; Me,their creator.

This said, Windows does not have the same types of facilities fortroubleshooting the DS process as most Unix's do.

Examples; the following utilities can be invoked on a per processbasis on a Unix platform:

  • pstack
  • prstat
  • pargs
  • pmap
  • pldd
  • gcore
  • iostats
  • vmstats
  • mpstats
Analysis of a DS process goes well beyond copying a set of configfiles and access logs. Windows platforms do not provide equivalentutilities and system based commands.

I also created the DirTracer & Pkgapp code to be fairlyportable by using scripting. At one point I toyed with PERLbut I cannot guarantee PERL would be installed on all systems so I wentfor the least common denominator available; unix shell.Yes yes, I know there is Windows PowerShell but it was only released incirca 2008 and two years later...is still only at version 1.0 accordingto their own FAQ. In fact, on Microsoft's own ShellRepository I only see six results for Process Monitoring scriptsusing PowerShell; the majority of users still preferring VBscript.Regardless, even if I could port DirTracer and Pkgapp over toPowerShell I would face the same issues as if I had created these usingPERL; the availability of PowerShell installed on the Windows server.

I also thought of using Cygwin's Terminal which isessentially a unix port to run inside an emulator. This would be aperfect way to port my applications, but I face the same hurdles as Ido with PERL and PowerShell - Availability. Lets face it, WindowsAdministrators do not take it kindly when anyone asks them to install"anything" on their systems in order to troubleshoot problems.

The Stats:

Lets look at the facts. Being in the Support Organization ofOracle I am not informed on the number of customers downloading DSEEfor Windows. I do however have access to the numbers of ServiceRequests for this Operating System.

  • In the Calendar Q1 of this year less than 2% of the DirectoryServer cases were identified as for Windows versions of the product.
While I do not know if more of the cases received were actuallyusing Windows, I can honestly say at my level (tier 3) I rarely receivean escalation that is Windows related. Most DSEE related issues we getstem from Cacao, Windows Services and ISW to ADS synchronizationproblems. These type of problems are never addressed by DirTracer onany platform. With such low number of issues coming in for DS relatedissues, the priority is to keep working on the Unix platform versionsof DirTracer and Pkgapp.


Lee T.

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