I've updated my Patching Presentation for customers, see http://blogs.sun.com/patch/entry/patch_presentation_for_customers

I hope you find it useful.

Also, I forgot to blog about an enhancement we made in March 2010 to the Solaris Update Patch Bundles which are available from the SunSolve Patch Cluster & Bundle Download Page. The Solaris Update Patch Bundles now add a line to /etc/release when they are installed to make it easier to determine that they've been applied - i.e. that all pre-existing packages on the system have been patched up to the same software level as the corresponding Solaris Update.

On a related note, Oracle 11gR2 requires customers to have Solaris 10 10/08 (Update 6) installed. It checks that Update 6 is installed and the corresponding Solaris Update Patch Bundle is not sufficient to get around this check. This requirement was introduced before the acquisition of Sun by Oracle was completed. We are now working with our DB colleagues with a view that they consider requiring either a specified Update release or the corresponding Solaris Update Patch Bundle for future DB releases. The modification of /etc/release by the Solaris Update Patch Bundle is partially to help support this.

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