Photo credit: Marcial Hernandez

Shelley returned to the Bonneville Salt Flats last weekend for more testing. The Stanford and VW teams were focused on shaking out bugs in the driving algorithms and their map building code. This trip was also the first major trial where the Java Realtime system provided all of the GPS interfacing and data logging. The hoary old C code it replaces has been permanently and officially retired! Two systems down, with lots more to come!

I particularly like Shelley's new look with the Java logo out in front!

To hear more about the Shelley project consider attending the session S312929 : Java in the Real World: Experiences with Real-Time Java for Device Control that Marcial Hernandez of Volkswagen and I will be presenting at JavaOne 2010. We will have recent video of Shelley running on Pike's Peak and lots of details of our experiences developing Shelley and other embedded Java applications.

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